Proprietary Concept

Our passion and years of experience in commercial agriculture, where profit is a result of maximized yields, have taught us that plants don't respond to nutrient "recipes," "traditions & customs," or to a "winning" formula an individual might have discovered in the distant past, but rather, they respond to their physiological functions.

A high-quality, nutrient-rich, abundant harvest is the product of a plant perfectly performing its physiological functions, for it is not the nutrition but the physiological activity responsible for such a tremendous result.

Every nutrient produces a physiological effect, and every plant has different physiological activity throughout the whole growing cycle - this means that every plant requires a different nutrient balance depending on its physiology; this is where our proprietary concept comes in: Physiological Plant Nutrition.

We have created a free mobile app to assist you in creating physiological plant nutrient formulas without needing to be an expert in plant nutrition. Please watch the video below for an introduction to the FitNute App.

Download Fitnute calculator