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  • Brian K.

    Brian K.


    On the suggestion of a friend I started using Fitleaf nutrients on my raised garden beds this past spring.  Due to my limited garden experience I had  been using a generic all-purpose fertilizer with varying results.  I was really impressed by how easy it was to use the Fitleaf app to generate plant specific solutions and feeding schedules.  As a result, my garden really began to flourish and ended the season with my best harvest yet. I  recently moved and wasn’t able to get my fall garden in, but I am looking forward to this upcoming spring!.

  • Diana P.

    Diana P.


    I got this two months ago as a gift from my boyfriend for my plants and a small garden I'm growing in my apartment. My seedlings grew really well with the root formula and the more established plants are looking happy with a mix of the boost and bloom formulas.

  • Humberto G.

    Humberto G.


    I have an automatic irrigation system at home with a couple of injectors that allow me to water and fertilize at the same time.  I needed a high quality, well balanced water soluble fertilizer that could keep my lawn and flower beds healthy and vigorous.  I tried a combination of Plant Energy "Boost" and "Bloom" products and the results I got this summer were beyond my expectation.  Such a great experience.  I highly recommend them.

  • Dalia N.

    Dalia N.


    This Bloom fertilizer did just as advertised. I had two jalapeño plants that showed little to no jalapeños all summer. I decided to use this fertilizer as a last resort to help our plants and sure enough within two weeks I saw a huge difference in the amount of fruit our plants were showing. So much progress with this bloom fertilizer! After using it with out jalapeños, I began using this on my tomato plants as well which did not have a single tomato in sight, after two weeks we started seeing so many baby tomatoes starting to grow. This is just what my plants needed!

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