General Questions

Where are Fitleaf® products available?

Fitleaf® products are currently available in the USA and Mexico. If you can’t find our products in your location, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I purchase products directly from you?

Yes, you can buy our products through our online store. If you have created an account with us, you will be able to buy directly from our in-app store.

Are Fitleaf® products available through third-party sellers?

Yes, our products are also available on Amazon. Please visit to view our Amazon Store and featured deals.

Does Fitleaf® offer commercial-sized fertilizers?

Our sister company, Vital Fertilizers offers a range of commercial-branded fertilizers and professional software applications for customers with larger greenhouse operations or open field farming. Please visit for more information.

Nutrient Questions

Why are there three parts to the Plant ENERGY® product line?

Different kinds of plants require different nutritional needs and these needs change through out the plant’s growth stages. Plant ENERGY® Root, Boost, and Bloom are designed to fulfill your plant’s needs on every step of their growth cycle. Additionally, these three-part fertilizers can be mixed to create your own customized formulas, with the support of our FitNute™ calculator on our app. Customized formulas are created based on different variables you provide such as: ppm, water hardness, EC, type of plant, growth stage, system specification (hydroponics), etc.

Should I follow the directions on the package, the basic or the mix & match application?

The directions on the package are suggested for its individual use. If you are new to gardening and want to experiment first, this is a great way to start. Our basic application are feed charts developed for specific plant categories such as fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers, making it an easy guide for growing diverse type of plants in one system or given area (e.g. 4 different crops in the same raised bed). Our mix & match application is tailored for those who wish to create customized formulas for their plants’ growth stages. Our unique FitNute™ calculator will help you create your own plant nutrition programs and suggest the right dose by mixing our products.

Can I use my plant nutrition programs for my outdoor plants?

Yes. Our basic and mix & match applications are designed to optimize your plant’s nutrient intake with the right fertilizer source, rate, time and place. However, outdoor environments are highly variable and unpredictable with many factors such as weather, sunlight, water, drainage and soil quality.This may impact the growth of your plants and the success of your plant nutrition programs. We do recommend to follow guidelines from your local gardening association.

What do I do if my plant’s growth cycle is longer than your suggested feeding schedule?

Should the occasion arise, we recommend to reapply the formula currently being used until your plant successfully transitions to the next phenological stage. Consistent monitoring of your plant is highly encouraged.

Can Fitleaf® fertilizer products be applied as foliar sprays?

Yes. If you do so, we suggest applying 1-2% rate of concentrated solution, which means 10-20g (0.35oz – 0.70oz) per liter of water. However, we also offer Leaf VITALITY® All Purpose, our premium foliar fertilizer powered with essential amino acids.

Can I mix Plant ENERGY® fertilizers with products from other companies?

Using Plant ENERGY® fertilizers with products from other companies may create unbalanced formulas and/or incompatibility. We highly suggest using our family of products, which were specifically designed to work together and complement one another to maximize results. Also, our FitNute™ calculator works exclusively with our products as well.

Can I mix Plant ENERGY® fertilizers with Plant LONGEVITY® supplement?

It depends. If you are preparing an irrigation solution, both Plant ENERGY® and Plant LONGEVITY® fertilizers can be mixed because it’s a low concentration solution. However, if you are preparing a concentrated solution (stock solution), it is not recommended to mix them with Plant LONGEVITY®, as this will cause a nutrient lockout. In that case, Plant ENERGY® fertilizers should be mixed on one reservoir (Solution A) and Plant LONGEVITY® on a separate reservoir (Solution B).

What is the shelf life of Fitleaf® fertilizer products?

All our products are dry nutrient formulas and therefore should be stored in a cool dry environment. If the package is properly sealed and stored in this manner, they should last indefinitely.

Does Fitleaf® offer any products for organic gardening?

Our complete, balanced fertilizer formulas are mostly formulated with inorganic/mineral components. Our products have been specifically engineered to maximize the availability of nutrients for optimal absorption and efficacy. While we understand the allure of an all-organic garden, we also know that such products do not allow for the precise control our blend of macro and micronutrients allow. More importantly, such precision delivers consistently superior results – controls we just have not yet found with an all-organic solution. However, we will continue to develop and test organic products and will make them available to the market when their results can meet our quality standards.

Can I use your formulations in my hydroponic system?

Yes! No matter your growing system, our products were designed for optimal performance. We encourage you to download our app and use our unique FitNute™ calculator to maximize results based on your system specifications.

How often should I change my reservoir when using Plant ENERGY® and Plant LONGEVITY® fertilizers?

We strongly suggest to drain and rinse your reservoir at least every 7-14 days, depending on reservoir size and nutrient usage. It should also be drained and cleaned every time you change your nutrient ratio formula.

What level of hardness water is acceptable for best results?

An acceptable level of hardness of water should be around 500 ppm for best results.

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