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Achieve REAL food independence by providing precise plant nutrition to your garden! Precise plant nutrition will provide you with an abundance in your harvests and the flexibility of providing tailored nutrition to each of your different plants. With only 4 formulas you can create endless formulations respecting nutrient ratios to avoid antagonisms and instead creating synergistic effects within the nutrients applied.


The Plant ENERGY® Pack includes:

1 Plant ENERGY® Root.

1 Plant ENERGY® Boost.

1 Plant ENERGY® Bloom.

1 Plant LONGEVITY® Supplement.

All Plant ENERGY® formulas include Macro, micro, and secondary nutrients. All of which have been carefully crafted to be used under the Basic Application method, and the Mix and Match method and along the Plant LONGEVITY® formulas which provides a nitrate-calcium balance.


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Great reaps!!

To tell the truth, I was a litter intimidated by the “mix and match” concept. Old school and all… Am I to decide how much to give my plants to eat? Well, I am the one looking at them, am I not? – did not use the app, but follow the Basic Application Feed Chart with the estimated number of weeks for each cycle and, looking at the plants growth, it was easy to move from one needed nutrient to the next one. I was very excited to see how the plants grow stronger and noticed that the blooms were larger than years past. The cucumbers and tomatoes were juicier with a richer flavor… They love Fitleaf!


Apartment Garden

I got this two months ago as a gift from my boyfriend for my plants and a small garden I'm growing in my apartment. My seedlings grew really well with the root formula and the more established plants are looking happy with a mix of the boost and bloom formulas.

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