Produce Impact

Every type of plant requires different nutritional needs and, as they pass on from one growth stage to another, those needs variably change too. By offering the right source of balanced nutrients to create specific formulas for each of the plant’s growth stages, urban farmers and gardeners out there can now grow much more, with less. Make a leaference by giving your plants precise nutrition.

Grow your own vegetable garden to produce high yields, nutrient dense food using hydroponics or soil grown by giving custom plant nutrition to your plants.

Sustainable Impact

Applying the right dose of plant nutrients to your crops will avoid any nutrient waste, which unfortunately tends to be consistent in commercial agriculture, leading to environmental complications. Further, having the proper tools to grow your own food will pave the way to become self-sustainable. When you achieve a lifestyle where you can live off mostly from the garden, you become a source of real food to those around you. This, in turn, decreases damaging effects in our environment such as carbon emissions and plastic use, and provide the planet and yourself with food to thrive. Make a leaference in how you feed and grow your plants.

Growing your own food helps you become self sufficient and sustainable using green energy and reducing carbon footprint by having vegetables and fruits in the garden.

Social Impact

We encourage ourselves and growers to give back to the community. As our population grows, so is our demand for healthy, fresh food. By sharing a piece of what we grow, educating others towards urban farming, or simply volunteering at your local food bank helps making this a reality. Make a leaference that leads towards the betterment of our communities.

Grow your own food to empower the gardeners and urban farmers to donate food and produce to food banks and their loved ones.

Health Impact

The complete and balanced nutrients provided to your plants are reflected when fully grown through superior quality, extended shelf-life and higher nutritional value. When you provide your body with the most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, you then proceed to grow into a healthier self. Make a leaference by growing healthy food, for a healthier society.

Gardening helps you have a healthier lifestyle by eating alkaline and plant based diets to have longevity by growing vegetables in the urban farm and home garden.