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Plant ENERGY® Boost

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Boost (20-5-10)
Is a complete water-soluble fertilizer formula with a special nutrient balance to be used on any plant. It is highly recommended to be used during the growth stage, after transplanting or sowing. Nitrogen is mainly required for foliage development.
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Boost (20-5-10)
Is a complete water soluble fertilizer formula with a special nutrient balance to be used on any plant. It is highly recommended to be used during the growth stage, after transplanting or sowing. Nitrogen is mainly required for foliage development. Every 100g makes approximately 20oz of stock solution or 20 gallons of irrigation solution.

The Plant ENERGY® Boost is:

- 100% Water Soluble.
- Compatible for soil-based and hydroponic growing medium.
The Plant ENERGY® Boost includes the following macro, micro and secondary nutrients in the proper ratios to both, 1) be applied directly under a 3-part fertilizer program as a Basic Application method, while remaining an integral component to coexist with the other Plant ENERGY® nutrient formulas to create crop and stage-specific formulas under the Mix & Match method.

By respectfully coordinating the nutrient ratios, each mineral may perform their function to the best of their abilities, resulting in less margin of error and more delight in the garden.

Plant ENERGY® Boost

Includes Macronutrients:

- Nitrogen (N) – Key component in the creation of chlorophyll, which is responsible for photosynthesis and the creation of protein blocks, which are essential for the plant’s survival.
- Phosphorus (P) – Incites root development, essential for proper nutrient absorption and plant support, taking up responsibility for fruit maturity.
- Potassium (K) – Important in activating the many growth-related enzymes in plants.

Includes Secondary Nutrients:

- Sulfur (S) – Essential in the plant processes of production including proteins, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins solidifying the plant’s capacity to combat disease.
- Magnesium (Mg) – Translocated to the heart of chlorophyll molecules, becoming the main energy source behind photosynthesis by being the key to seize the sun’s energy.

Includes Chelated Micronutrients:

- Iron (Fe) – Oxygen carrier within nodules of legume roots, and positively influences chlorophyll production.
- Zinc (Zn) – Aids in enzyme synthesis which stimulate the plant’s complete growth.
- Manganese (Mn) – Intervenes in the plant’s reproduction cycle and enables effective nitrogen assimilation.
- Copper (Cu) – Assists in the many processes of plant respiration as well as in health and defense against pathogens.


- Boron (B) – Indispensable for reproduction processes, pollen tube formation and fruit size, additionally, Boron interacts in the translocation of Calcium in the plant.
- Molybdenum (Mo) – Indispensable for the formation of the Nitrate reductase, and proper assimilation and conversion of nitric nitrogen.


Leaf VITALITY - Great Product! My plants seem to be thriving with a weekly spray. So many new sprouts. Very happy with the results. Will definetly be buying this product again.


Plant ENERGY Boost - Package is thick which does not allow moisture to get inside and it reseals well. My bamboo thrives with it.


Plant ENERGY Bloom - A+ Customer Service. This worked above and beyond my expectations compared to other products that I've tried -- it was head and shoulders above. In addition, the hand-written note I received with my order elevated them as well.

Marcia H.

Plant ENERGY Pack - Excellent plant growing tool at an excellent price!!!! I am using this 4 packet soil augmentation to grow my fruit trees, as the arid weather & soil environmental conditions here in Las Vegas cause rapid & intense soil denutrification.

All of the 4 included packets help to overcome this predicament, and to intensely nutrify your soil, and by doing so, assist the growth, sustanence, blooming, and fruiting of your particular plants.

I highly recommend this product for those who are attempting to ensure that their plants are receiving the proper nutrition, and care of their plants, hence my 5 star rating.

Gerry Gilstrop

Leaf VITALITY - Plant Saver. Perked my plant right up! Love this fertilizer

Nathan Tipton