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We live in an ever-changing world; however, some variables remain constant. Fitleaf believes that due to some repetitive patterns, including but not limited to: a rise in global population, drastic climate change, and on-going chronic disease it is more important than ever to have the ability of growing your own food. Mastering the skill of growing your own food will provide you with a healthier lifestyle, a constant contributor to the environment, but above all, a provider of real food to those around you.

Fitleaf Blog aims to provide you with useful information for you to make informed decisions in your garden, as well as delivering intel in crop growing cycles for a more amenable growing experience. Collectively, with the definite purpose of owning our food supply we can shape our world and society for a prosperous future.

Featured Posts

A Plant-Based Diet Is Proven to Provide a Long, Healthy and Prosperous Life

Discover why a plant-based diet will enhance your life experience and how you can achieve it from home.

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Hydroponics – The Pros and Cons of Growing in Soilless Medium

Learn about the positives and negatives in hydroponics, for both commercial growers and home growers!

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Deficiencies: Tomatoes

Learn why your tomatoes are not performing their best. Discover the different nutrient deficiencies and how they reflect in the tomato plant

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Hydroponics 101: An Introduction to Hydroponics

Learn about the history and the basics of Hydroponics, and about the potential it contributes with for the future

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What’s the Purpose of Conventional Agriculture?

Explore about the history of agriculture, and the different shapes it takes in the modern world for a brighter future!

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The Health and Environmental Benefits of Indoor Plants

Learn the benefits that house plants bring to the environment and your health, along with a list of easy to grow house plants

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Runoff: What Is It, What Are the Causes and How Can We Avoid It?

Learn what is runoff and how it negatively affects our environment, the possibilities to avoid it and potentially finish with it.

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The importance of Urban Agriculture

Go behind what Urban Agriculture stands for, and learn how we have the power to change our communities

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Why More Millennials Are Getting Involved in Urban Gardening

Learn why and how millennials have adopted gardening in the modern world!

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Organic 101: What Is Organic, How Do You Do It and Why Is It Important?

Learn about the word organic, its meaning, what it is and what is not.

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